beach baby!

one of my favorite fams! love these guys!! and *mommy* is a total “blog stalker!” (LOVE U andi!)

i adore his curly locks!! it was a bit chilly…but these are truly some of my favorite beach shots EVER!


  1. Andi Bennett says:

    We are in LOVE! This is why we keep coming back to you , Alycia! And this is why I believe everyone needs custom portraits of their family- these are priceless! You truly capture our family so beautifully! Thank you! Thank you!
    :) Andi
    ps- And we had a great time at dinner!

  2. These look GREAT!! Andi, your family is simply gorgeous!!


  3. Jennifer Carlin says:

    OK, that does it – next session is on the beach!!! Beautiful, Alycia. Andi, you all look FAB-U-LOUS. Hope you are doing well.

  4. Thanks Kevin and Jennifer. It helps that I have an amazing photographer!

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