Beach Week- November 2008

I am really excited to announce some upcoming dates for “Beach Week ’08″… I usually take a couple weeks off *shooting* to work on computer editing after the “Holiday Cutoff” (which is November 7th this year)… I decided this year to take my computer to the BEACH and am going to stay at a condo down in AnnaMaria Island and do my *hunker down*.  Since beach sessions need to happen at sunset, I can edit during the day and do one beach session per day. I only have FOUR sessions left- November 16, 17, 18 and 19. Even though these are after the *deadline*, these will be ready by the Christmas cutoff.

Because I will already be staying on the *island*, the session fee will be only $99 (reg $350) and the minimum will be the “Desk Portrait Collection” $895 (reg $1500), in addition to 20 free Holiday cards with any card order. Shoot me an email or give us a call to schedule one of these days. There are only FOUR left…so call fast :) )

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