Tampa Sessions | 2014 Dates Available


    I’m always so excited to be heading back to Tampa to get to see my friends and also the chance to photograph some of my favorite clients!  My son will actually be heading back to Tampa for college, so I will be making even more trips I’m sure!  So far, I have official July, August and November dates on the calendar.  To schedule your studio, beach or botanical garden session, you can do so online HERE.  If you {Read More}

beach baby!


one of my favorite fams! love these guys!! and *mommy* is a total “blog stalker!” (LOVE U andi!) i adore his curly locks!! it was a bit chilly…but these are truly some of my favorite beach shots EVER!

georgeous beach maternity


I have been wanting to share this for a some time….and as I’m now working on the order…I must!  This was my *THIRD*…yes THIRD maternity session with Jackie. She is nothing less than spectacular, and resilient. She bounces back, physically and mentally (3 kiddos in 3 years–are you kidding? **smiles**haha!)… but she always Conquers IT ALL!..and I am blessed to photograph her amazing family. (her hubby is always coming up with his own poses and such too, so I love {Read More}

Beach Week- November 2008


I am really excited to announce some upcoming dates for “Beach Week ’08″… I usually take a couple weeks off *shooting* to work on computer editing after the “Holiday Cutoff” (which is November 7th this year)… I decided this year to take my computer to the BEACH and am going to stay at a condo down in AnnaMaria Island and do my *hunker down*.  Since beach sessions need to happen at sunset, I can edit during the day and do {Read More}

Cheeseburgers in Paradise!


okay, so I don’t have any pictures of my cheeseburger..but it was YUMMY! haha! Tobago is a gorgeous island! After a 30 minute flight to Miami, it’s only about 3 1/2 hours to Trinidad (then a 15 minute flight to Tobago). This little island has a population of about 50,000 and is just BREATHTAKING! The Villas at Stonehaven are amazing! There are 14 villas designed by a Swedish architect, so they have a “Euro” feel to them. Each villa has {Read More}