Belly Basics


Wow… How behind am I on blogging…. Okay, so 50 lashes with a wet noodle! ha! I really have some amazing new pictures to share… so just hang in there and bear with me! Lots going on these days… In the meantime… I’m proud to share a current article which features me (along with two other amazing photographers who have been my friends for years, Jen Hellinga and Kathryn Langsford) in the latest PPA (Professional Photographers of America) magazine. All {Read More}

Blue eyed Italian babies …

It was so great to see these guys again… with their *new addition*! There’s just something about big, bald, blue eyed babies that can melt your heart!! I was actually just going through my portfolio images and found these of *big brother* from the same age. Isn’t it amazing how similar the two brothers look?? Scary! Here’s a few teasers for mom (and grandma… aka NeeNee…did I spell that right? *S*) P.S. Is it fair to look that great 7 {Read More}

Recent Maternity. Totally in love. PERFECT!


First of all… (and you can say it with me!) “BLOG NEGLECT”… I was doing so great?!? ugh… okay… I have SOOOO many things to post that I can’t wait to share! First to post… I meet many people. many families. many new “parents to be” (I know it’s probably disturbing that I call them “mommy and daddy” even when they aren’t *used to that yet*….so what? it’s the warm up! LOL!)… The norm is that most all pregnant *mommies* {Read More}

trendy mama part 2…


Okay, so *mama* saw them and loved them and gave me the *go* on a few more *sassy* shots… isn’t she just gorgeous?? I always love to get a mix of images… some you can display in living rooms and some that are more private and intimate.

recent trendy mama to be!


I can only share a few *sneak peeks* since this goregous mommy hasn’t seen them yet, but here are a few recent favs…. I absolutely loved her top from Isabella Oliver (You can check them out online here: Isabella Oliver) and some of these portraits are my favorites! I love too that they are beautiful and can easily be displayed anywhere in a home! We actually got quite a MIX (but the sassier ones will need her approval first! *smiles*). {Read More}