Happy New Year 2011!


Well, I must admit, 2010 is over and I couldn’t be more ready for 2011! Last year was a challenging year for me and my family for many reasons. Today, on January 1st, 2011, I’m filled with a new energy and spirit and look forward to all life has to offer. As always, I tend to make my new year “resolutions”… some will be easier than others, no doubt, but one of them is to kick start this neglected blog {Read More}

HUGE Announcement! Texas BOUND.


This is the most difficult blog post I’ve ever written…. I’ve started it several times in the past week and then just deleted it all!  I have some BIG news and it’s truly “BitterSweet”…. As some of you may, or may not know, my ex had to move to Pennsylvania in August for a new job and that has left me all alone this fall… as a parent…So it has really been tough this fall to juggle everything (kidddos, work, {Read More}

Viva Las Vegas!


WPPI has finally arrived…. I leave tomorrow for EIGHT VERY FULL (I mean like CRAZY full!) days of convention in Las Vegas. I’ve been looking forward to it for a year now and can’t believe it’s finally here!! I have to say, I am the WORST when it comes to procrastinating and packing….WHY OH WHY do I do this to myself…ALWAYS? Anyway….for all you photographers who are attending… Here’s my rundown….so come SEE ME! I can’t wait to see everyone, {Read More}

WPPI Member of the Month


I am truly honored and proud to be featured as WPPI’s November Member of the Month. WPPI is an international organization with thousands of amazing photographers as members from all over the world. I am thrilled to have been chosen. You can check out the article here: WPPI Member of the Month

Happy Halloween Weekend!

I always love halloween… I had a great time with my *crew*, as we dressed up as “Deal or No Deal”… (one of our friends even shaved his head!!! crazy fun!)  My *baby girl* decided to be “the Scream”…she wanted the mask that does the creepy bleeding thing, but I just couldn’t “go there”. My boy didn’t even dress up. *sniffle sniffle*… I knew the day would come. sighhhhhhh…..finished the weekend off with a football party where my boy got {Read More}