My PPA Cover and Article!


I am honored, excited, thrilled, proud…. all of the ABOVE… to share the current issue of APRIL 2011 PPA Magazine featuring my image and an article including my images of my amazing clients and some *insights* of my photography business.  I received the call from “PPA headquarters” (aka Cameron Bishop…*smiles*) in February as I touched down in Vegas for WPPI just leaving from speaking at SPA in Palm Springs, CA!  I actually don’t know which I get more excited about… {Read More}

KJ and Aly’s Big WPPI Photo Adventure Contest!!


Over $4000 in Products and Prizes will be awarded to ONE very lucky participant! The first person to complete all of the following photo tasks below during the WPPI tradeshow will win ALL of the prizes below!! No second places here!! Actual proof of all the photos must be shown to either Alycia or Kevin to confirm the win. The photo taken with Alycia or Kevin MUST be the final task on your journey.(This is to ensure that they can {Read More}

Belly Basics


Wow… How behind am I on blogging…. Okay, so 50 lashes with a wet noodle! ha! I really have some amazing new pictures to share… so just hang in there and bear with me! Lots going on these days… In the meantime… I’m proud to share a current article which features me (along with two other amazing photographers who have been my friends for years, Jen Hellinga and Kathryn Langsford) in the latest PPA (Professional Photographers of America) magazine. All {Read More}

Three letters. M. I. and A!


Wow… What a blog slacker I’ve been… and I was on a ROLL before! I have SO MANY things to share and beautiful sessions to show, so get ready for the “onslaught!” I’ll start off with a WPPI wrap up… (yea, it was in February… SO? hee hee) The annual international convention in Vegas, WPPI ( was a huge success and lots of fun! It was also the busiest convention I have EVER attended. I was literally teaching & speaking {Read More}

The NEW Pocketwizard, Behind The Scenes

While attending and speaking at WPPI in Vegas this past February, I was asked if I’d be willing to do some “beta testing” for the new and improved, “Pocket Wizards”. I have always used *Wizards* as transmitters to wirelessly trigger my studio lights (well, except that first year when I was constantly tripping over my sync cord and missing a dozen shots a session…ugh!). This new version, “Mini & Flex” is much smaller and more compact! In addition, it can {Read More}