Valentine’s Day Minis Booking Now

Valentine Mini Keller Texas

  I’m super excited about our set for Valentine’s Mini’s this year! Let’s get cooking! Now booking online… One day only. $125 and includes 5 digital files. ¬†Book Online: HERE

Three letters. M. I. and A!


Wow… What a blog slacker I’ve been… and I was on a ROLL before! I have SO MANY things to share and beautiful sessions to show, so get ready for the “onslaught!” I’ll start off with a WPPI wrap up… (yea, it was in February… SO? hee hee) The annual international convention in Vegas, WPPI ( was a huge success and lots of fun! It was also the busiest convention I have EVER attended. I was literally teaching & speaking {Read More}

Happy Halloween Weekend!

I always love halloween… I had a great time with my *crew*, as we dressed up as “Deal or No Deal”… (one of our friends even shaved his head!!! crazy fun!)¬† My *baby girl* decided to be “the Scream”…she wanted the mask that does the creepy bleeding thing, but I just couldn’t “go there”. My boy didn’t even dress up. *sniffle sniffle*… I knew the day would come. sighhhhhhh…..finished the weekend off with a football party where my boy got {Read More}

anyone lost a kitty cat?


because we found one, rather, Gabriela did! Last night, right before the “storm that didn’t really happen” (we are all safe and sound and going back to school now! whew!)…. Gabriela carried this cat down to our house. Well, Andrew is totally allergic to kittys and I told her to take him back where she found him… Fast forward TWO minutes later… the cat follows her home… and what do I do? feed him canned chicken! yep. I’m an idiot. {Read More}

Hunker Down!


Well, today was the first day of school, and tomorrow is the first “hurricane” day of the season! School is cancelled for tomorrow and we’re making plans to “hunker down” in these parts! I’m rescheduling all appointments for tomorrow and we’ll play the rest of the week by ear. To all those in the area, stay safe. Here’s a visual of where I am….you know…right in the MIDDLE of the “projected” mess! This is probably my 15th hurricane, so I’m {Read More}