Cheeseburgers in Paradise!

okay, so I don’t have any pictures of my cheeseburger..but it was YUMMY! haha! Tobago is a gorgeous island! After a 30 minute flight to Miami, it’s only about 3 1/2 hours to Trinidad (then a 15 minute flight to Tobago). This little island has a population of about 50,000 and is just BREATHTAKING!

The Villas at Stonehaven are amazing! There are 14 villas designed by a Swedish architect, so they have a “Euro” feel to them. Each villa has 3 bedrooms and their OWN infinity pool! There’s a clubhouse with a restaurant (the chef is WONDERFUL! I had some of the best food EVER on this trip!).

Here’s a few images from the Villas…more on the wedding I assisted with later (Nigerian ceremony! SOOO FUN!! get ready!–Kevin posted some of his amazing images on his blog last week for a *sneak peek* and Coco Reef….

now…this next image my frighten some…possibly many.

it’s sad. but must be said. I have HORRIBLE island hair. I live in fear looking for the BIRDS that I know are circling above just WAITING for their MOMENT to make a HOME in my hair that resembles their NEST! My friends “fondly” (or not so “fondly”? ha!) call this my “Mexico” hair…however, I can safely call it… “TOBAGO” hair now too… sigh… do they make INDUSTRIAL strength CHI irons? :) ha! ENJOY!

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