Recent Maternity. Totally in love. PERFECT!

First of all… (and you can say it with me!) “BLOG NEGLECT”… I was doing so great?!? ugh… okay… I have SOOOO many things to post that I can’t wait to share!

First to post… I meet many people. many families. many new “parents to be” (I know it’s probably disturbing that I call them “mommy and daddy” even when they aren’t *used to that yet*….so what? it’s the warm up! LOL!)…

The norm is that most all pregnant *mommies* are the ones who plan the “maternity session”… they are thrilled! excited! all about it! The *daddies*? Not always. :) Some don’t come to the session at all…fine…if they aren’t on board, they will only be miserable… some come to the session…but tell me “If you had BEER here, this would be WAY MORE FUN!”…. (you know who you are…and yes, I’m working on your SECOND baby boy’s *sneak peaks* right now…you will LOVE them!)… some brag about their “manicure” they got…then ask “is my face in the picture? Because my wife said it would just be my hands” (can we all say *sabbotage”??? LOVE IT!)….

This *Daddy*… and *Mommy*… were amazing! The connection was there. They were both all about it! It was romantic, sexy, fun, playful, and silly all at the same time. I love that! *Daddy* is a musician and he brought his guitar and serenaded his beautiful *bride* several times…  Photography is alot about connecting… and I felt very much a part of their *moment*….and I canNOT wait to meet their new little *person*!

I have to mention that I “sort of” met them a year ago… Some of you *faithful blog stalkers* might remember this post: Party Like a ROCKSTAR. “Dad” is an amazing singer and performer… check out his band, “Miggs”, current single, “Perfect”…

And here they are… in all their love and adoration…

I won’t even tell you what happened right BEFORE this shot *winks*…. love it! :)

awwww….he was serenading…. total PULLBACK :)

Don styled this one… :) awwwwww……

The Serenade…..


  1. WOW! These are amazing! You sure do capture them well Alycia!
    Gorgeous images!

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